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Written by: cassandra on 2012-05-23

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cassandra's review: Callout Comment I sent in my $300 dollars in December for this card and rec'd it when capital one denied me. Crazy I know. I am hoping come this december I get upgraded. I love this card because I can easily pay the bill online from my checking account as I bank with them as well. So far this card is wonderful .


Comment 1 by wanderer
Re: Wonderful User Icon on 2012-05-23

Remarks Welcome to the world of credit. Secured cards make a great start. BofA does unsecure around nine months plus (speak with experience). Do you know what your FICO Scores were? It may help others.
Comment 2 by akcredit
Re: Wonderful User Icon on 2012-05-23

Remarks Congrats Cassandra,

My wife started with this card with 500 Secured in december, within a month Cap One sent her preapprovals like over 20. They approved her for 500 too. Now she applied to Chase freedom and she got approved for 500. So this card does help and bring in prime cards. You should get double the credit limit. My dad went the same phase and he got double the CL when he started. Funny story my uncle has bad credit he doesnt have credit card for at least over 6 years. He applied for this card online and sent 300, card came in two weeks later with 700 limit 300 secured 400 unsecured. He applied to Cap One 300 limit, Chase Slate 500, Discover 500, and Macys 400 all with in 3 week period. He says he is done for now, I was like your on a roll. I hope this info helps you.
Comment 3 by akcredit
Re: Wonderful User Icon on 2012-05-23

Remarks I will update when she is ready for the upgrade and let you know.
Comment 4 by jaynaz
Re: Wonderful User Icon on 2012-05-24

Remarks This is a great card to start with. I had a secured line of $500.00 in 2009 and they graduated it to an unsecured card after one year, returned my deposit, increased my credit limit to $2000.00 and did a product change to BOFA Amex. Card now has a $5000.00 limit on it. BOFA has been great to work with and i never had any issues with them.
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