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Written by: matt on 2007-09-26

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matt's review: Callout Comment You know, Some people, like myself, Come here to read reviews about a credit card that they are potentially interested in. After browsing a page and a half of blog (would be) responces, I think I have read 3 actual reviews for this card. [Edited by Finance Globe: Personal or negative remarks towards other member(s) removed.]

I have read the "fine print." I understand I have "Bad Credit." If anyone is confused about whether or not they have bad credit, walk into a cadillac dealership, point at an escalade, give the salesman your SSN and see if he comes out of the finance office in tears from laughing hysterically. This is a great way to find out if this is the credit card that you should be looking into. If he emerges and hands you the key... GET AN AMERICAN EXPRESS!!! I would be willing to bet that you are looking into this particular credit card because AMX turned you down. I understand that having bad credit puts me in a difficult situation when it comes to lending and credit lines. That being said, I have accepted the fees, paid them without complaint, and understand the policies listed in the fine print. If you have an issue with the information outlined in the small print... Don't activate the card!!! From what I hear (from the 3 ligitimate postings I was able to read) they will cancel the account and reverse the fees.

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Comment 1 by bizz
I Must Agree User Icon on 2007-10-22

Remarks This card is not the best card for people with great or good or even decent credit. BUT if you have low FICO and bad histpry and noone else seems to want to assist you, this is a GREAT card. I don't mind the high fees and don't intend on keeping this card for more than about 2 years with the high annual fees. BUT if you have gotten yourself in a bettere financial situation, want a second chance, want positive marks on your credit reports. THIS CARD IS FOR YOU! In a way, its like paying to improve your score in my opinion. If you are willing to pay quite a bit of money for a few points of improvemnet on your credit score, maybe its worth the risk for these other companies, that's just my opinion.

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