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Written by: sintanjin89 on 2012-05-21

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sintanjin89's review: Callout Comment I was initially turned down for a L.L. Bean credit card from Barclay a month ago but received a offer for this card in the mail. Decided to give it a try and was instantly approved for a limit of $1,000. A review will be conducted within five billing cycles for a cli. 0% for six months on purchases and bt. At least this will give me a foot in the door with Barclay. EQ 704. EX 691. TU 701. One old collection on cr.


Comment 1 by wanderer
Re: Approved User Icon on 2012-05-21

Remarks Congrats! Scores are lookng mighty fine. Great to get your foot in the door.
Comment 2 by patrick12
Re: Approved User Icon on 2012-05-21

Remarks Be careful with Barclays not to open too many accounts after you get this one, they will soft pull your credit every month for the first 6 months, if they see any new additional inquires or new accounts, they will either reduce your credit limit or worse, close your account all together! There is an entire thread on this matter at myfico.com forums, I actually closed my account with them since I have gotten some better cards along the way, but they are sneaky, and they WILL softpull your credit report every month! Congrats and enjoy! ;)
Comment 3 by sintanjin89
Re: Approved User Icon on 2012-05-21

Remarks I'm done with applying for a while. Just got a Discover More card with a $4,500 cl & a State Farm Good Neighbor card with a $3,000 cl. I wasn't looking for another card but Barclay sent me a pre-screened application in the mail. I couldn't avoid the temptation, just like a kid in a candy store!!!
Comment 4 by creditcardaddict
Re: Approved User Icon on 2012-05-21

Remarks Lucky!! Barclaycard doesn't like me I've applied for there Travelocity AMEX like 2 times and have been turned down. Any suggestions on how to get them to like me?
Comment 5 by faith
Re: Approved User Icon on 2012-05-21

Remarks Congrats on your approval. Barclays has been good to me with increases the past year and a half, even after opening new accounts. Use wisely and definitely watch the inquiries.
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