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Written by: scuser on 2012-05-03

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scuser's review: Callout Comment Just bought a house in 2011, and needed to repaint entire house about 2000 sqft. so I applied for the lowes card after reading everyone else being approved. I was hoping for $600 limit, but they gave me $300 limit. They pulled TU, credit score used was 469 on a 320-650 range? Anyone else getting this number score range from TU? Looks like this is what GEMB is using now.

On another note, I went to go pay my Old Navy store card online, and they asked if I wanted to upgrade to the Old Navy Visa, with $30 cash back once I make a purchase. I upgraded with instant approval for the Visa, and my Old Navy CL increased from $800 to $2000 on the new Visa card. Nice, gotta put some love out there for GEMB. They are great.


Comment 1 by patrick12
Re: Approved For $300 User Icon on 2012-05-03

Remarks Call Lowes back and speak with a CSR, tell them you are making a major purchase and you need to increase your purchasing power, they will soft your report and bump you up right away! Ask for something higer than what you think you would need, they will either match your request or they will counter offer you with something better
Comment 2 by creditcardaddict
Re: Approved For $300 User Icon on 2012-05-03

Remarks AWESOME!!! thats great. How long has it been that you have had your regular old navy store card? How long did it take them to upgrade your card? Also when they ask you if you want to upgrade is it a pop up window or how do they let you know? Thanks!
Comment 3 by scuser
Re: Approved For $300 User Icon on 2012-05-03

Remarks I've had the card for 12 months started with $400 cl, increased to $800 at 6 months, and then there is a tab at the top of the online acct management page that says "offers & benefits". clicked on that and saw a big $30 rewards for upgrading to the Old Navy Visa when making first purchase outside of Old Navy Stores. Clicked on more info link, led to upgrade link, and it was instant upgrade. I never knew Old Navy had a Visa version.
Comment 4 by creditcardaddict
Re: Approved For $300 User Icon on 2012-05-04

Remarks Ahhh I see well congrats! and thanks for the information.
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