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Written by: creditcomeback on 2012-04-14

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creditcomeback's review: Callout Comment Approved for this card with a pre-selected offer in the mail in april 2011. had a fico score of around 640 at the time it is close to 700 now i have paid on time and in full every month. started with $1000.00 credit line was raised to $1350.00 last summer. had bk in 2008 so this shows that if you pay bills on time after bk even with terrible sub prime cards and keep usage low you will get opportunities for better credit cards.


Comment 1 by wanderer
Re: First Prime Card Since Bk User Icon on 2012-04-14

Remarks Congrats! Your tesimony is proof that hard credit work pays off!
Comment 2 by creditcardaddict
Re: First Prime Card Since Bk User Icon on 2012-04-15

Remarks Thats GREAT! I applied for this card but was turned down. Did you get instantly get approved or did you have to call in and process your app? I had to call but it felt as if the rep was the one who denied my app not DISCOVER any way ill re apply in the next 7 months. Congratulations for your approval. (my application was a pre-approved offer)
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