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Written by: scuser on 2012-04-12

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scuser's review: Callout Comment Been rebuilding credit for past 3 years gone from 500 to 701 and down to 675. Current scores are (Eq. 675, TU 651, and Exp 661) This Bank of America card is probably what I consider a prime credit card (ini. $500). I also have JCPenney (ini. $400 increased to $800 after 4 months), Old Navy ($400 increased to $800), Belk ($150 ini, increased to $650 in 6 months), Wal-Mart ($600 ini, just opened in December), Amazon store card (ini. $700). Also have Cap 1 ($500 ini.) and the Orchard card (ini. $300 increased to $700 over the past 4 years). Just hoping for increase in walmart card because that one is just essential, gas prices at those stations (where available) are cheapest in town.

I closed out Best Buy (high interest) and Household cards in Jan.


Comment 1 by nuovocapitolo
Re: Finally Some Of The Prime Credit Cards User Icon on 2012-04-12

Remarks Congrats! Sounds like you are on your way to great scores!
Comment 2 by wanderer
Re: Finally Some Of The Prime Credit Cards User Icon on 2012-04-12

Remarks Welcome back to the world of credit. You have a good mix and the BofA is certainly taking you to the prime card country. Remember that scores will slide up and down some and not to panick. Note, hard inquiries hurt and the effects take six to twelve months to soften. Don't load up on department store cards. Save yourself for using your inquiries for prime cards. HSBC is going away (in the United States) during 2012 so you have no loss there.
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