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Written by: cyrusfox on 2012-03-06

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cyrusfox's review: Callout Comment I got suckered into getting this card as I was buying a laptop, the teller said I would save $20, after I was approved, whoops, looks like I save $20 off my next purchase, what a complete waste of time. Note to self, always say no to any offer at all during check out!

I have used this card a couple times and receiving double points is nice, but best buy usually never has the lowest price so it has seen seldom use. I always make sure to pay the balance in full. The APR on my card is 25.24% and the account limit is $2,800.

Customer service was bad, they sent the card to the wrong address, and I ended up paying a $35 late fee which they wouldn't wave(From my first purchase). I just swallowed it and payed the balance in full. I am not impressed. I recommend staying away from using this card , use a debit rewards card or something more useful as this card only works at BestBuy and its APR is nearly criminal in my mind.


Comment 1 by bc8787
Re: Skip This Obscenely High APR User Icon on 2012-03-08

Remarks I have had this card for 3 years and I have yet to pay interest on this card. I always take advantage of the 0 percent interest that best buy has incentives on all the time. My last purchase was my macbook at $1,000 gave me 24 months no interest as long as you pay the balance in full by the 24th month. Its been great to me. Sorry you had a bad experience. I do have to side with you on the customer service I had to call in once for an error on a payment and the person could barely speak english and was probably stationed in India, which I do not like. I want to speak with people here, in my country. lol.
Comment 2 by wanderer
Re: Skip This Obscenely High APR User Icon on 2012-03-12

Remarks Most unfortunate. It seems FG posters have given Best Buy a variety ratings due to the erratic results. One constant has been the "outsourced" customer service. Some companies are brining it home. The sad part about outsourcing is the lack of being able to communicate clearly. Many foreign countries have some very bright people working in the areas of customer accomodations but, if you can't talk to each other it really doesn't matter.
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