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Written by: creditcardaddict on 2012-02-29

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creditcardaddict's review: Callout Comment Got a pre-approved offer through mail decided to apply. Submitted my application then called customer service to forward my application and get a decision right away. Called talked to a girl whos voice really got on my nerves I don' know why I just didn't like her. Anywho so the reason why K was denied was beacuse I owe too much to lenders she even included my auto loans. It almost felt as if she was the one who deneid my APPLICATION not DISCOVER. Im waiting for two more credit card applications to be revealed Union Bank AMEX nad US BANK Cash Rewards Ill post up results. When I get them.


Comment 1 by creditcardaddict
Re: DENIED User Icon on 2012-02-29

Remarks After these applications I will stop applying and let my current credit cards grow with me
Comment 2 by derek1061
Re: DENIED User Icon on 2012-02-29

Remarks Well that sucks, remember Discover is a VERY conservative lender, because of this not everyone will qualify for a credit card with them.
Comment 3 by wanderer
Re: DENIED User Icon on 2012-03-03

Remarks Since the fall of 2011 FG posters have had good luck applying to Discover. Note, most have paid attention to inquiries and outstanding debt since Discover tends toward conservatism.
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