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Written by: loveinlifenkc on 2012-02-13

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loveinlifenkc's review: Callout Comment I have been rebuilding my credit since August 2010. I have managed to acquire a couple misc cards- Orchard ($300 CL), Capitol 1 (300 CL) , Walmart (250 CL) , Amazon (600 CL) since that time. Discover Escape have me a $2000 limit. My score at the time was around 710. Not sure which report they accessed yet but I will report later. And yes, I am done applying. Thinking about closing the Orchard- which has yearly fees tied to it.

I checked the online account management and it seems very good. Also the rewards are out of this world! Looking forward to traveling at a discount.

Credit score at the time was 690 and they checked Equifax


Comment 1 by wanderer
Re: Very Happy- User Icon on 2012-02-13

Remarks Congrats! You have moved to the prime cards. Discover is opening doors for you. CL is super with good strong scores! The FG site is hot with new Discover Card members. Welcome!
Comment 2 by zane_75
Re: Very Happy- User Icon on 2012-02-13

Remarks Congrats, because I has in a similar situation to yours, I tried and was also approved. Thanks for the feedback
Comment 3 by derek1061
Re: Very Happy- User Icon on 2012-02-13

Remarks Congratulations. Discover gave you a great credit limit, and will most definitely grow with you.
Comment 4 by loveinlifenkc
Re: Very Happy- User Icon on 2012-02-16

Remarks Ok, my credit score at the time was 690 and they checked Equifax. Got a letter in the mail today.
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