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Written by: cnobles54 on 2012-01-22

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cnobles54's review: Callout Comment Approve for a capital one platinum credit card $500.00 cl no annual fee for first year after then $19.00 credit score transunoin 620.experian 600 and exquifax615 rebuilding my credit since march 2010.have other sub prime cards also store creditcards also ,how will it take to get a prime credt card.


Comment 1 by wanderer
Re: Approve User Icon on 2012-01-22

Remarks Congrats! Capital One wil help you bridge into prime cards. How long...? Every one's credit record is different. It took me several years but, some folks seem to move along in six months to two years so... anything is possible. It took me ten years to move up to FICO 804 and had to lose the BK. That's my review.
Comment 2 by derek1061
Re: Approve User Icon on 2012-01-22

Remarks Congratulations. Capital One is one of those companies that you can go one of two ways, Capital One can either grow with you, or they will keep your credit limit the same for many years until you decide to close it.
Comment 3 by alxny
Re: Approve User Icon on 2012-02-09

Remarks How long ?
well it depends on how you manage the account .
1st . dont go over your credit line
2nd. anything bad on you file drops in 7 years .
Unless you have a bankruptcy that takes 10 years
but if you are clear of that then I say 3 to 5 years you will
approval from the big banks.
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