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Written by: dm on 2007-09-23

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dm's review: Callout Comment I decided on a whim to apply for this. I would have applied for the Banana Republic card since I would more likely shop there, but I thought I had a better shot with this. 200 CL... No surprise... Same as Dillards (also a GE Money Bank). Used it for an onlinen purchase with Banana, and wil pay off. This is the last application. I'm at 7 inquiries this year. Approvals this year: Gap, Dillards, Travelocity, Direct Rewards, Target, Capital One. (Abercrombie doesn't count since theysent me a new card and tacked the old charge off balance on it from 1998. I'm paying it though.) Denials: WAMU (apparently they remembered me from Providian in 1998... The letter simply stated that I was a delinquent Providian customer and that they had to decline... But that no inquiry would be registered with the credit bureaus.) Closed: Orchard (2), Credit One, Aspire, First Premier.


Comment 1 by meya
***Congrats**** User Icon on 2007-09-23

Remarks Way to go buddie, congrats on your approval (although 7 is not worst than mines which is 43 within 2 years... Lol). Thanks for your compliment from the previous post, I really did appreciate it. Self explaination and being a MEMBER speaks for itself. Fighting fire with fire does not do anything but spread it even worse. Sometimes u have to put a little water on the fire just to cool it down. It works!
Comment 2 by stephny
Congrats DM!! User Icon on 2007-09-24

Remarks I may need some restraints to keep from applying for this card. Meya Help!!! DM please keep us posted on how they treat you. And by the way I always look forward to the Meya welcome mat, and the Meya pat on the back. Kepp us going girl!!!
Comment 3 by meya
Re: StephNY User Icon on 2007-09-24

Remarks StephNY, go for it. I know you will get it. I am not going to cross my fingers on this one, for what, they are probably out looking for you with the Red Carpet laid out. Pats on the back for you, you know how we do it here... Lol.
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