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Written by: al3243 on 2012-01-04

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al3243's review: Callout Comment After having graduated from secured card (99/500) two weeks ago i chat the csr online i asked the lady if she can convert my platinum visa to BofA American Express Accelerated.she said no problem in a few minutes she told me that i will receive my card in 2-3 weeks with a new account number.no hard inquiry though. Exp.728 equi.701 transU.717


Comment 1 by derek1061
Re: BofA Platinum Visa Product Change To BofA Amex User Icon on 2012-01-04

Remarks Congratulations. Can you please provide your credit scores. Does you card have an annual fee? I recently was told my a Bank of America representative that if your card was opened with an annual fee, the annual fee will remain & cannot and will not be changed.
Comment 2 by al3243
Re: BofA Platinum Visa Product Change To BofA Amex User Icon on 2012-01-04

Remarks Exp.728
when they unsecured my card two weeks ago,still theres an annual fee of $39.this morning when i log in on to my account i chatted with a csr if they can convert it to BoA Amex she said she can.this time no annual fee.
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