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Written by: sle on 2012-01-03

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sle's review: Callout Comment They proclaim I am a valued customer yet my dissatisfaction with the process of activation of my vsangel credit card doesn't concern them. Infact, after talking to 2 people about this matter from the vsangelcard customer service today it is evident that I am not of value.

I know if this happened to me it has happen to other people but I was told my complaint has not been heard of before today. So I googled my complaint and found there are plenty of dissatisfied people regarding the "identity protector" scheme during the new card activation process. If they cared they would fix the problem.

I was not charged "just 99 cents" and didn't receive a $20 gift card as promised. Instead I was charged $14.99 twice and no gift card because I was supposed to go online to "register my card" which I did not even know how to because I never received anything to let me know how. When I called the CC Identity Protector customer service they would only remove one of the $14.99 charges. I explained that to the vsangelcard customor service who said that the CC Identity Protector company had to remove it. They said they could offer me store coupons. It may work for them to offer coupons to some people to smooth it over but for me I can do without a company who tricks people into agreeing to try something in order to make their money.

Simply if they had credited my account for the $14.99 and taken my complaint seriously I would still be a customer. Instead I canceled my vsangelcard today because of their dishonesty and unwillingness to solve the issue.

I feel I have been cheated because they allow this to go on. They blame it on the CC Identity Protector Company but I was pulled into this scheme when I called to activate my new vsangel credit card. It is unfortunate that they can not change their process or make it right. In addition, I spent 40 minutes on the phone and talked to 3 different people over this matter.

Ironically I now am out $14.99 and I cancelled the credit card that I got to save money in the first place.


Comment 1 by wanderer
Re: New Card Activation Process/Identity Protector Scheme User Icon on 2012-01-08

Remarks Feel your pain. What is the story with them? You would think they want customers. In today's world retail needs all the help they can get.
Comment 2 by mrvoiceguy
Re: New Card Activation Process/Identity Protector Scheme User Icon on 2012-03-13

Remarks In my experience, it is much easier to say no to the lure of a "free" $20 Visa gift card than it is to go though the aggravation of trying to remove charges. I have a cc issued by the same bank and I declined their "gift" fifteen minutes ago. I have also been through this with another card issuer. Their protection adds another 2% to your card balance. Good for them, not so good for you is my opinion. I am sorry you lost out on the value of the card due to less than good CS.
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