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Written by: valerian on 2007-09-22

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valerian's review: Callout Comment I looked into getting this card & as tempted as I was the ONE major thing that turned me off was the fact that they call you before your bill is due to make a timely payment on your account. Excuse me... I don't need anyone reminding me when to pay my bills. I'm a grown person... I can do that on my own.
If this is what you want in a card then go for it but for me...2 thumbs WAY down.


Comment 1 by meya
RE: Valerian User Icon on 2007-09-22

Remarks "Halleluyer" (hallelujah). And a Amen.
Comment 2 by bbknotts
Purpose Of CFC MasterCard User Icon on 2008-04-15

Remarks The purpose of this MasterCard is to assist individuals, that have demonstrated poor payment history in the past, to rebuild their credit rating. Since these individuals present a serious financial risk for CFC, fees are charged up front to recoup the cost involved in setting up and mailing the MasterCard. If these individuals have a problem with these fees, then they should have taken better care of their credit in the first place. They have only themselves to blame for the mess they are in and unfortunately, there are costs involved when correcting your mistakes. There are over one million satisfied Customers with CFC that have been cardholders for over a year and have started the rebuilding process. Within a few more months, they may be able to obtain a "prime" credit card because of the risk that CFC was willing to take with them. I can only suggest that when entering into any contract, that you thoroughly review the Terms PRIOR to entering into the agreeement. Many of the cardholders who complain about CFC are just complaining because they failed to review the Terms and are now upset that CFC is upholding these legally binding Terms. And, going to the BBB, FDIC, etc. Will not get you what you want unless there has been a legitimate error made by CFC. All of the fees associated with this card are disclosed in the T&C and cardholders have the opportunity to cancel with no financial obligation is they cancel within the first 30 days and have not activated or used the card for purchases. If cardholders have a problem with the billing of a late fee, then they should have taken greater measures to ensure they made their payemnt on time. Regardless of who you complain to, CFC will always stand by the Terms & Conditions that the cardholder has accepted. Which by the way, they are disclosed these Terms on three different occasions and must accept these Terms prior to the card even being activated! The FDIC commends companies like CFC that are willing to extend credit to those who have proven that are irresponsible with their finances because of the huge risk involved.

CFC MasterCard is a great product for those truly attempting to fix their credit and I encourage those individuals to apply for the card. The rewards can be seen as early as 6 months from the open date as long as you make your payments on time each month. A future of low interest rates and high credit limits is not far off if you truly desire to help yourself.
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