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Written by: redeye on 2011-11-10

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redeye's review: Callout Comment I was not going to apply for this card when I started to chat with the Customer Service Representative online. She ended up talking me into applying (I know, she got me) for the Green card with the AF waived for the first year.

I was not expecting to be approved because of two delinquencies in the last two years and short credit history. So it was a nice surprise when she said that I had been instantly approved. I expected her to say I would get a response in the mail in 7-10 days, aka Denied.

Not sure what report they pulled (I am assuming TU, heard that they primarily use them.) I am going to call their credit department tomorrow and ask for a copy of the report and what my score was. My Experian score is currently 627.

Now I got:
Capital One Secured Card - Aug. 2011
Discover More - Nov. 2011
American Express - Nov. 2011

I should be done for a while now as long as I do not get on the phone with another nice customer service rep.


Comment 1 by derek1061
Re: Phone Application User Icon on 2011-11-11

Remarks Wow. Congratulations, I think American Express is being less strict with their "charge" card approvals.
Comment 2 by redeye
Re: Phone Application User Icon on 2011-11-12

Remarks They pulled Experian and I had a score of 627. Tu 627, EQ 631.
Comment 3 by hotabs579
Re: Phone Application User Icon on 2011-11-21

Remarks NICE!!!!

what is your cl?

and the annual fee?
Comment 4 by redeye
Re: Phone Application User Icon on 2011-11-22

Remarks It has no preset spending limit. That is how the charge cards work with amex unless you get the zync counter offer for $200 or $500 limits.

The AF is $95 but that was waived for the first year.
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