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Written by: kforbes86 on 2011-11-02

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kforbes86's review: I havn't posted here for a long time. I have been re-building my credit for the last 3 years now. i applied for a discover card in july of this year and was denied. i just applied today, for the discover motiva card. I got a message saying we are unable to approve you for the offer you applied for but we have another offer that you might be interested in. so i clicked accept offer, and i was approved for the discover more card, with 6 months 3.99% interest for balance transfers and purchases, then 22.9% after the intro period.
i am not sure what my scores are right now. this summer they were all around 670-690. equifax has no baddies, just lots of inquaries. experian has 2 old charged-off accounts, and transunion is the same. i didnt get the best interest rate by far, and i have no idea what my credit limit is yet, but i am happy to be approved for a better card than the others that i have.


Comment 1 by hammer23
Re: Approved Second Time Around. on 2011-11-02

Congrats! Go back to discover.com click on check application status. It will tell you your credit line.
Comment 2 by patrick12
Re: Approved Second Time Around. on 2011-11-02

I got the same counter offer, my money says it will be $1000.00 credit limit!
Comment 3 by derek1061
Re: Approved Second Time Around. on 2011-11-02

Congratulations. Discover a good company to have a credit card with.
Comment 4 by wanderer
Re: Approved Second Time Around. on 2011-11-02

Congrats! You are in the Discover Card family now. Once in they take care of you. Feels good to overcome the past.
Comment 5 by scamps218
Re: Approved Second Time Around. on 2011-11-06

Congratulations on the approval. Your rate is a bit rough, but Discover will improve interest after you allow your card to age a bit. They are a great company to work with.
Comment 6 by flirishpm
Re: Approved Second Time Around. on 2011-12-20

I've never applied for a Discover card until August 2011 and was approved for a $1,000 CL. It's not much compared to my other card limits but wanted to carry the card for incidentals. So far they've been great to work with.
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