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Written by: knowledgeable on 2011-10-30

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knowledgeable's review: Callout Comment Although comments on this site say it can never become unsecured, i can tell you from my personal experience that those comments are incorrect. it may have something to do with the poorly trained outsourced customer service reps, because i was told the same thing. in addition, everytime i emailed them, they always seemed to dodge my question concerning that in specific. ok, here's the part you have been waiting for....look at the exp date on your secured card, shortly after it expires, they send you a new unsecured card increasing your 200 dollar limit to 300 dollars and a short while later, you will receive a letter in the mail giving you the option of letting them hold on to your security deposit, or just with one simple signature from you, sign the dotted line and they will release it back to you. it was very easy and i got my money back fast. hope this post was helpful. all of this assuming your credit was kept in good standing throughout the 2 years.

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Comment 1 by derek1061
Re: I Know The Facts User Icon on 2011-10-30

Remarks Congratulations. It is always nice to hear about secured cards going unsecured.
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