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Written by: apa guy on 2011-10-22

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apa guy's review: I was initially denied online for this card...called the backdoor number...was asked a few questions (income, asking about long passed baddies)....subsequently approved with $1,500 limit!

FICO scores at time of app: EQ 628, EX 626, TU 623.

Don't let the guideline score be your discouragement where applying for this card is concerned. They look at the WHOLE picture - especially payment history (no lates is crucial).


Comment 1 by patrick12
Re: Approver After Recon! on 2011-10-22

That is great! I was just recently approved as well for this card 09/28/2011, my TransUnion score was 691 at the time and they started me out at $1,300.00 credit line! So you scored BIG with this card! Congratulations!
Comment 2 by apa guy
Re: Approver After Recon! on 2011-10-22

Thank you Patrick!

Aside from the 6/12 months no financing ($999 and under/over 999$) with Apple and $0 annual fee, are there any other benefits with this particular card I should know about? [Not that those aren't enough! :)]
Comment 3 by kanielli28
Re: Approver After Recon! on 2012-04-03

I have a barclay card. I bought a mac book at 0%. they offer 0% apr several times a year. It nice if you are an apple junkie like me!
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