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Written by: sandra on 2007-09-19

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sandra's review: Callout Comment I am so sorry that I got this card. Ever since I have had it, I seem to be in more debt than before. Every month I authorize them to debit my savings account and every month they mess this up. They always wait until after the due date and then they call me and say that my checking account is closed. The problem is that I never had a checking account for them to debit. I specifically give them this information and they do the same thing every month as if on purpose. And to top it all off they charge me over the limit fees and late fees and it is their fault that the fees get charged. This card has caused me numerous headaches. I tried to refinance my home and was told by the lender that Tribute Mastercard gave me a bad credit rating and that I would have to clear this up before I can do anything. I asked Tribute to close the account several months and they just kept it open so that they could scrounge more money off me. I think that they are putting the payment due for checking instead of savings so that the can get late fees. Now my credit union is starting to question if I am trying to be slick. I am truly upset about this because I don't have the money to pay the amount that they are asking for, which is way too much. When first got the card I had a 300 limit and I was only able to charge 100 dollars. That was a year ago, now my bill is 899 dollars and they also charged me for the 20 dollars start up fee that I had already sent by money order. Now since the account is closed they are still loading fees on to the card. I am going to contact an attorney. I will never advise anyone to get this card. Don't do it.

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