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Written by: mpintx82 on 2011-09-17

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mpintx82's review: Callout Comment BofA may have many problems with customer service, etc. THEY ARE AWESOME ON FRAUD DETECTION! After applying, they had been litering my mailbox with offers, I decided to take advantage of the Cash rewards since I PIF each month. Approved instantly for $10,000. Hour later call from my unlisted, unknown number a cell phone I use for my fraud alerts not on the particular one BofA pulled, but TU. How they managed to get that is beyond me! Asked me for information only I WOULD KNOW! DL number, what st. is next to mine, how old and when is my mothers DOB, and an email address that may have been used by me 3 years ago. WOW that is really protection! I like that, most would find that bad etc. I like when banks PREVENT fraud then when it happens. Prevention is what I believe is the best solution. Aside from that nice CL, CS seemed to be very nice and helpful plan on using it alot and PIF each month before statement closes and get my CASH for stuff I already charge on a diff card and get nearly nothing in return! Hopefully good relationship with BOFA...


Comment 1 by wanderer
Re: Good Card User Icon on 2011-09-18

Remarks Great info! Also, nice CL. Do you remember what your FICO;s were?
Comment 2 by pauly2221
Re: Good Card User Icon on 2011-10-13

Remarks Nice limit but i am guessing your scores are 720 or higher.

I wish there was a no star rating for BOA......I just got done filling out an application for the 1%2%3% credit card. I only make money off the credit cards I have been using them collecting the rewards and pay off the card befor interest and I thought the 123 Card would be great for that. I was instantly DENIED. I have a 730 fico score make about 120K+ a year and about 10K in an auto debt with no CC debt and about 90K CC available. I was so surprised that I had to call the recon number. I have never been denied credit in the last 2+ years but I was DENIED from BOA 3 and 4 and 5 years ago when my credit was a 640+. So I was sure that something was wrong with there system when I have a 730+ score. The rep was very hard to work with and very pushy when I started talking to her I said I have had my chase card (8000K limit) (710 score at time of app) Barclays carnival Card ($8,000 limit 690 Fico at time of app) discover card (3000K limit) (690 score at time of app) Navy FCU Credit Card (30K LIMIT) (695 score at time of app) Cap one, Hooters and HSBC all around 3K each (650 score at time of app) for about 2 years and the cap one hooters HSBC for about 7 years all paid on time every month and right now none of my cards have a balance. And you denied me credit????? She pulled my credit history and said there was 4 issues back in 2005. I told her yes that was 6 years ago I have proving myself to be well educated on using my cards for the last 6 years in a perfect manor. she put me on hold for like 10min and then came back in a mean tone becuase of the past history we can not extend credit. Are you serious??? I can go to any bank besides BOA and quilify for close to the best interest rate and any credit card and you can't even extend a $500 credit card? I just couldn't believe it. If you are looking for a bank to do business with and don't want to wait 10 years to get credit from due to a minor tardyness of 30 days more then 6 years ago go somewhere else. Bank of america not only has the worst customer service but the worst lending practices. I think they are geting smaller and are not able to lend like they used to. So as they drop in size they take as much as they can from the customers they do have. And don't lend a hand to new prospective customers. CREDIT UNIONS are the best and the reason I say that is because my highest credit limit is with navy FCU of 30K because they know my past 6 years has been perfect and becuase I know I can count on them that is were I put my 250K+ paycheck a year in. Don't go with BOA they are horrible I would go with any other bank like chase or Discover. HSBC not as much becuase they are getting smaller and there lending is weak but at least you can start with something.
Comment 3 by joeyman
Re: Good Card User Icon on 2011-10-13

Remarks @ Paul, sorry to hear of your troubles with BoA. I've had my share of troubles as well, when I opened a checking out with them two years ago, they CLOSED my account before I received my debit card. They claimed I had used my card in wrong ways and was considered a risk for theft to them. This was like three days after opening the account... no transactions ever posted to my account and no card in hand. Another rep said I may have the same SSN as somebody else who was doing this! Another rep said it was because I opened the account online! Then another rep said no, we can't tell you why your account is closing. I NEVER really found out why they closed my account. Keeping in mind this was just a checking account... I was like WTF? Even the branch manager was stumped. Very odd.

The good outcome is that I now bank fully with a credit union, just like you. I will forever bank with a credit union <3.
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