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Written by: imonherenow on 2011-09-11

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imonherenow's review: Well me and my mom applied for this card mom has 5 deragatory 2 collections,she applied on line it said futher processing 5 days later recives aletter to call for futher processing she called approved for $3000.00 wow i no cant belive that started her with that much she had 35 inquires,she recived her card saturday,whats funny is she has had credit pull on any of her credit reports,so i said what the heck i applied over the phone was told futher processing,they pulled eq it showed up the next day,still no word I have no baddies,11 inq,so i hope to get more than $3000 me and my mom are both rebuilding our credit,I no we have to many inq,so we are stopping shoping,ill post what they say to me when i hear something


Comment 1 by rsty99
Re: Approved on 2011-09-11

All I can say is congrats on your approval, Chase was nice to you. What was your FICO score at the time you applied. It seems the banks are approving cards again.
Comment 2 by wanderer
Re: Approved on 2011-09-21

You did well based on your recent past. I am surprised at Chase. They like to be so fussy. Maybe the real world got in to them?!
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