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Written by: scamps218 on 2011-08-25

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scamps218's review: Callout Comment My partner and I have been together for 8 years. He has had this card for 9 with no real complaints. They recently increased his limit from $500 to $1500 per his request with an inquiry into Transunion. I decided that I would was interested in becoming a joint cardholder (not authorized user) to add to the average length of my accounts. I felt this was best based on suggestions from credit counseling services online. I was jointed (I guess that is how you would say that) on 2 of his other cards, so I did not think this would be a problem.
Our questions were simple and two-fold. First I asked what the policy was regarding joint account and if I could be added. The customer service rep. changed his tone suddenly as if I had asked something vulgar. He stated that I was attempting to commit credit fraud and doing something that was against the law siting something about a credit law from 2003. I corrected him stating that joint account are generally permitted across the board with an appropriate credit inquiry. He began to get slightly more aggressive, which I did not understand because I was not being hostile at all. I them proceeded to ask if this card had a "reaging" policy. My partners record is spotless with the exception of one 30-day late payment last year. Again, his tone changed and he accused me of requesting that they commit credit fraud. I explained to him that per the Credit Card act of 2009, reaging was an option that most, if not all, credit companies can offer if there is a renewed interest in timely payment provided by the consumer. Given that we have had on-time payments for 16 months, I felt that was adequate to be viewed as renewed interest in paying. He again became aggressive and stated that they are required by law to report to credit agencies accurately. After several attempts to explain to him what I knew to be the law, he finally stated that he did not even know what "reaging" was and that he is only there to service the account not work with credit. That statement in and of itself did not make sense to me.
I called back and asked the same questions to a much friendlier customer service rep. She did explain that Home Depot does not offer joint access after the card has been opened. That was all I needed in an answer. She was also confused about what "reaging" meant, and explained her confusion immediately (which I was grateful for rather than aggressively explaining credit policy that she did not understand). She did ask me to hold to check with her supervisor, and came back with a negative on the "reaging" aspect. Not a problem as she at least spent some time explaining this to me.
I know this is not a traditional review is the sense that this is not officially my card. However, it is important to know as many aspects of any card you are applying for. They are not willing to negotiate aspect that are common practice with other cards. This is most likely due to the fact that this is a store card and not a general credit card. My experience with the first gentleman that I spoke with was frustrating enough to sour me on applying for a card myself. Keep this in mind.


Comment 1 by wanderer
Re: Comments Regarding Service User Icon on 2011-08-26

Remarks Stumped me. Seems like you were through in your handling of the matter. One thing I have noticed with many of the credit card companies is an unequal level of expertise/training in their customer service representatives. If I find the need, I call in again another time and get someone else or ask for an account supervisor or account manager. This has usually worked. Doesn't mean the company will vary their policy but at least, I am clear on the rules of the game. Credit is a game today with all the automated systems.
Comment 2 by scamps218
Re: Comments Regarding Service User Icon on 2011-08-29

Remarks Thanks for the feedback Wanderer. I agree. I am a pretty good judge of the when I'm talking to someone who is misinformed. My philosophy though is to not get upset, but call back and hope for a better rep.
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