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Written by: tyatsko on 2011-08-09

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tyatsko's review: Callout Comment I was initally appproved with a low limit. After 9 months and never a late payment (also no late payments on my credit report for other accounts) and having only gone over 50% of my limit once, still am not eligable for a credit line increase. Otherwise no complaints.


Comment 1 by majtykamadness
Re: Orchard Bank User Icon on 2011-08-09

Remarks Not sure your whole situation, but even though these cards can be great for establishing new or rebuilt credit for people, you want to get away from them as early as possible and whatever you do don't try to increase your limit because most importantly you will pay dearly with the outrageous APR and will never get anywhere. Try your local credit union for a credit card. Even if the initial CL limit is low, the APR will be probably half of Orchard bank and they will increase your CL as they see your making payments on time. GL
Comment 2 by wanderer
Re: Orchard Bank User Icon on 2011-08-09

Remarks This is standard procedure for the starter cards. Also, Household Bank and Premier Bank. HSBC is in the process of selling or closing down their credit cards so they are NOT doing much with any of their cards.
Comment 3 by joeyman
Re: Orchard Bank User Icon on 2011-08-11

Remarks I agree, go to a local credit union!
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