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Written by: deadmba on 2011-08-06

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deadmba's review: Callout Comment Denied for 8 year BK on record. All three credit scores peak in high 600s with no balances on credit cards. No lates in years with Very high income and low DTR.

This is BS!!! EAT a big one BOA


Dead MBA


Comment 1 by wanderer
Re: Denied User Icon on 2011-08-06

Remarks Unfortunately BofA is really run by FIA Credit Services... they stink. As an added extra... BofA has the feds on them for their past performances in the recession and of late they are in deep hot water over mortgage lending. They are hurting...! No cry here.
Comment 2 by eugene66
Re: Denied User Icon on 2011-08-06

Remarks Sorry for the denial....I would never recommend anything from FIA Services again!
Comment 3 by deadmba
Re: Denied User Icon on 2011-08-06

Remarks Thank you all for the input. I was thinking BOA was a slam dunk.
Comment 4 by bc8787
Re: Denied User Icon on 2011-08-07

Remarks As a former employee of BOA.... its okay you got denied! You dont want this card. BOA has NO clue how to run a business thats why i got out of there as quickly as a could.
Comment 5 by derek1061
Re: Denied User Icon on 2011-08-09

Remarks I personally have had nothing but good experiences from Bank of America. They approved me even though Chase or CITI wouldn't. I love Bank of America and would recommend them to anyone.
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