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Written by: deadmba on 2011-08-06

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deadmba's review: Callout Comment Approved 1800 credit line. Pulled Experian 690, with 8 years out of BK.

I will love this card.


Dead MBA


Comment 1 by wanderer
Re: Approved!!! User Icon on 2011-08-06

Remarks Great! Congrats! Have this card and it opened doors within Citi Bank for me (have Citi "Thank You" Mastercard plus this card now and Citi came to me). Stay with it for a year or two. Note, your scores may increase about 70+ points when the BK falls off. I speak with recent experience.
Comment 2 by hjm331
Re: Approved!!! User Icon on 2011-08-06

Remarks Congrats! Be sure to take advantage of 0% on purchases and balance transfers for 21 months.
Comment 3 by eugene66
Re: Approved!!! User Icon on 2011-08-06

Remarks Congrats!!!!! Citi will grow with you and will offer some pretty good balance transfer offers.
Comment 4 by nuovocapitolo
Re: Approved!!! User Icon on 2011-08-06

Remarks Congrats...I had them at one time many, many moons ago....just out of college with a 5K limit.....that card has since gone away.....
Comment 5 by majtykamadness
Re: Approved!!! User Icon on 2011-08-08

Remarks Wanderer...
I've always been curious how much your CS goes up once BK falls off. I hope you are correct. Mine comes off in about a year. Hard to believe it's been 10 years already. Done very well with my credit since then and am in teh low 700's now and would love to go up even an additional 50 points once BK falls off.
Comment 6 by kiejon9
Re: Approved!!! User Icon on 2011-08-11

Remarks Congratulations
Comment 7 by deadmba
Re: Approved!!! User Icon on 2011-08-11

Remarks To RE: MajtykaMadness

I got "all" of the BK marks off one credit agency with a law firm even the public record. The score didn't drop much! The law firm marked the BK at a level 9 on a scale of 1 to 10 (ten being very bad). Collections and 90+ lates make you into a bad debt profile - same as a BK. I am thinking its more about Debt to ratio based on income "free cash flow" and open lines of credit VS Maxed out lines of credit.

Opening lines of credit and keeping them zero balance and paying in full has given me a high credit score. & deleting the baddies from my credit report using a law firm.

Best of luck and I will report back in 21 months when experian and equifax (deletes) the bk - with the score drop.


Dead MBA
Comment 8 by wanderer
Re: Approved!!! User Icon on 2011-08-12

Remarks It is interesting... the effects of loosing baddies. Some people see score drops and others see score increases. To give you a brief background... as it relates to FICO Scoring there are ten plus schedules and depending on which one you are on the score may go up or down (note that FICO will NOT inform you as to what schedule you are on). There is more to it... the depth of your "average age of accounts"... "oldest account"... amount of outstanding debt... payment track record and so on. In my case since the big BK baddie my record is spotless with all baddies gone and average account age about six years with the oldest back to 1999. My increase was 74 points. WOW now at 780. For an extra... I sat at around 697 to 706 FICO for several years with no change... hmm! Anyway, the results of baddies falling off is unique to each one of our CS reports. Clean up your CS's and challenge what is wrong. I made the CS's clean a lot of stuff off. Now my record is perfect. What I need more of now is to increase the "average account age" so the CS's told me. Time and patience.
Comment 9 by professorkev
Re: Approved!!! User Icon on 2011-08-20

Remarks So was citibank on your list of ones you Bk'd? Kind of hard not to have citibank as a creditor, they are so big. I thought they blacklisted people who bk'd them
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