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Written by: yesenia on 2007-09-14

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yesenia's review: Callout Comment Once I applied for this card and they read me all the fees I told the guy not to go through with it. Yet, I received card and bill. I never activated the card and called to cancel account. I hope I don't get any more bills on this.


Comment 1 by pamela
Re: Yesenia User Icon on 2007-09-14

Remarks Hi I just got the card a while back and I wrote on here for advice and thanks 2 meya and dee I got it. But today I got a bill and I was wondering what u said 2 them 2 cancel the account???? I haven't activated the card either.
thank u
Comment 2 by meya
Re: Yenesa User Icon on 2007-09-14

Remarks Mail the card and bill right back to them. My sister had this card and they closed the account and reversed her fees because she never activated the card. /for your records, get you a reciept from the post office, cards like these are "I got cha" lucks. You and Pamela are playing it smart by not activating it. You two need to sign up with the network asap. I left some valuable info there in the poor credit forum topic. Keep the same names that you are using here so that you will be easier identified from other members. When you sign up, bookmark your calenders for Oct 7, 2007 @ 7:00 PM EST which is our first member meeting. I advise you all to go there because once all the members cross over, the only thing left here will be new posts from individuals that are not members. I am not saying that we will not be peeking in from time to time shaing information, but all the good info is going to be in the network. Take a look at the announcement for continental and you will see the link.
Comment 3 by jack
I Haven't Activated The Card... User Icon on 2007-09-20

Remarks Am I still responsible for it?
Comment 4 by meya
Re: Jack User Icon on 2007-09-20

Remarks Nope, not at all. My little sister had this card and they reversed her fees due to none activation within 30 days.
Comment 5 by jack
You Were Right Meya User Icon on 2007-09-25

Remarks According to our records, your Continental Finance MasterCard has been sent to the address you provided, however, your credit card has not been activated. If your credit card is not activated in the next several days, the credit card offer will expire and we will close the account, reverse all fees and you will have no remaining obligation to us
Comment 6 by meya
Re: Jack User Icon on 2007-09-25

Remarks Right on Jack! Now take another advise from me and throw it in the shreader. If it doesn't fit, go out and pruchase the sharpest razor int he universe and slice that blue baby to pieces. While slicing it, have an attitued like Jack Nicolson in "The Shining". LMAO! Then take a look at the list of cards I added to the poor section forum in the network under the poor credit thread.
Comment 7 by jack
Hallelujah....lol User Icon on 2007-10-02

Remarks We have closed your Continental Finance MasterCard account because your account has not been used in the thirty (30) day period since your account was opened. All fees which were billed to your account have been reversed and you have no remaining financial obligation to us.

Please destroy any cards in your possession associated with this account.
Comment 8 by meya
Re: Jack User Icon on 2007-10-02

Remarks You go buddie, way to go! You came out a winner. Now go to capital 1, orchard, direct rewards, hooters, chevron, travelocity, credit one, target, macy's, jcpennys, walmart, crown jewelers (positive appproval of $1500), and show them what you are working with.
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