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Written by: sherri on 2007-09-14

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sherri's review: Callout Comment Then this is the card for you! You get constant autodialer phone calls from these people an entire week before the payment is due. I KNOW when my payments are due. They also have a tendency when you try to pay with your debit card to all of a sudden have issues with the card number being "invalid" (never mind it worked just fine right before and right after you tried to use it with them). Then you have to pay by check, which means automatic 7 day hold.

As for online service, 75% of the time, the information is wrong. The website is basically worthless and seedy-looking.

For $10 a month, plus the fee for making a payment, this is a card for the shredder.

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Comment 1 by maribella
Oh I Know... User Icon on 2008-06-18

Remarks I remember when I had to make a payment for mine, their website was 'down'. And they charged me 10 dollars to make every payment. I used to pay on their website and when they charged for me to make a payment, they charged it on to my continental finance card, not my debit card. So when I was ready to cancel, They were in the process of giving me a CLI, So I let them do that, paid my bill in full, with 10 dollars over to get the 'payment fee' and TOLD them I don't want any CLI, and they took it off and my balance was zero.
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