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Written by: relidtm on 2011-07-21

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relidtm's review: Callout Comment Great travel card, they gave me 30k points with 650$ in purchases.. in addition to the promotion of double points on restaurants and hotels.. as well as 5x points on air travel. Did I mention they beat most advertised rates on air travel? Its not dramatic mind you but its typically around 10%+ defiantly worth it for not paying an annual fee at all.


Comment 1 by wanderer
Re: Great Travel Card User Icon on 2011-07-22

Remarks Congrats! You have a great card with super benefits. Discount on travel... hadn't heard before. Enjoy. You have scored big!
Comment 2 by thomas1
Re: Great Travel Card User Icon on 2011-07-24

Remarks Pen Fed is one of the best CU's out there, along with a few others such as NFCU and PSECU. Great card products, and excellent customer service. Great rates and starting CL's as well. Did they request a ton of documentation when you opened this account?
Comment 3 by relidtm
Re: Great Travel Card User Icon on 2011-08-25

Remarks Yes forgive me if I didnt write more. They gave me an information packet and I am 9500 from VIP lounges, I will let you know how it goes.. It helps that I put 5k down payment on a car and racked in the points. They sent me a packet that was similar to my amex gold I had years ago.. but they actually give me more points.. and it doesnt cost a thing.. best part about it. Right now they are doing a promotion on restuarnts with 5x more points as well as hotels. They sent me a nice packet with a brocure that told me everything I ocd over on the website. The customer service when you call in is also very fast. I have never waited more than 2 minutes, it makes me wonder why I ever kept my amex gold for so long.
Comment 4 by _leo_
Re: Great Travel Card User Icon on 2011-08-31

Remarks Can I ask what your scores were at the time of applying? Im really interested in applying for this card, Ive had a savings with them for over a year, and want to try but not sure if my scores are good enough.

Thanks! :)
Comment 5 by relidtm
Re: Great Travel Card User Icon on 2012-04-10

Remarks @ leo yes at the time they were all around 750 I think I posted it b4 in the application history
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