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Written by: tammy933 on 2011-07-13

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tammy933's review: Callout Comment I was approve on 07/07/11 but I did find out until the next day was not instanly approved on the computer I called and was told I was approved for $7500 not sure of apr yet but they pulled Exp CR my score was 710 I have not received card yet but its listed on my profile with my checking savings accounts on my online banking with Bank of America I was excited to get approve I had about 22 inquires with the last being pulled January 2011 I have about 9 tradelines a mix of retail and major credit with my high limit of $4000 on any one card my over all limted for all cards was about $22,000 I only owe about $8000 at the time of approval I just paid them all down last month in order to get my score up to get a better credit card it worked I'm happy to say I now really need a business credit card may try for that next with BOA? not sure if I should wait


Comment 1 by bc8787
Re: Approved 07/07/2011 User Icon on 2011-07-14

Remarks Congratulations! As an ex employee of BOA I cannot stand them but I do admit thier cards have good APR's and convienient.
Comment 2 by tammy933
Re: Approved 07/07/2011 User Icon on 2011-07-14

Remarks Thanks!! I just tried for the BOA Business Master card I will keep you posted When I get approved
Comment 3 by kdb030609
Re: Approved 07/07/2011 User Icon on 2011-07-14

Remarks Congratulations !!! That is a nice CL and good score.
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