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Written by: bc8787 on 2011-07-01

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bc8787's review: Callout Comment I have always been denied for a cc by Chase. I even got approved for an Amex before Chase. I got a pre-approval in the mail and figured "why not". I filled out the invitation form online and was approved. I am the type where I cant wait to get the card to see how much my credit limit was so I called in to the customer service number on the card. I was not happy with a $500 limit when all my other cards are $10,000+. So when I got the card I called in to customer service explaining that I can make payments larger than my credit line and there was no point in having it. So the representative pulled up my credit report from when I had applied. I understood that most instant approvals are done my an automated system but wanted a second look from an actual person. The representative stated that I was right and there was no reason why I didn't deserve a higher credit line. She asked what I would like it raised to. I said well at least match my bank of america credit card at $7,000.. wa-la! 5 seconds later she said "OK done" Its nice to know that a bank ACTUALLY gives their representatives power! Not just some computer system that NEVER wants to give you an increase! (cough cough Capital one) I am happy with this card so far and the cash back is great! Sorry so long of a review! Great card!

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