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Written by: courtney on 2007-09-13

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courtney's review: Callout Comment I applied for this card in early August along with a few others (imagine, Visa666, salute, tribute, etc.) I only got this and the imagine card and so far... I def prefer the imagine even though the imagine card has yet to start reporting to the credit bureaus... I don't use either one for purchases... I wanted them to help rebuild my credit until I decide whether or not I want to file bankruptcy... My credit score before the cards was 528... And now that the continental started reporting to the credit bureaus its 545 a month later... So I think that's a pretty nice jump (?) I dunno. I did read up on these types of cards and though I didn't want to have to pay 250 for this card and 150 for the imagine... And the customer service is like speaking to a wall... I must say I haven't had a problem yet...(knocks on wood)... I had poor judgment with credit cards in the past... And at an early age (20) and now I am paying for it 2 years later (yeah I'm 22)... If anyone wants to recommend another card that maybe better I'm all for listening... I'm hoping one day I'll find a card that has a limit over 400 just in case I need to rent a car again...

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