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Written by: credit builder on 2011-06-11

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credit builder's review: Callout Comment I have never missed a payment and this card has rewarded me. The initial CL was 250. I have gotten an increase every 6 mo. My CL is now 1900 in 3 yes. Thanks Cortrust Bank!


Comment 1 by mrrob
Re: As Advertised User Icon on 2011-06-11

Remarks I've had this one for a few years, no complaints, they've been fair. My limit is $600, started with $250
Comment 2 by wanderer
Re: As Advertised User Icon on 2011-06-11

Remarks Congratulations! CL $1,900. There is credit for those who are responsible. Cor Trust Bank only seeks customers in South Dakota & Minnesota for regular banking needs. They have a five star rating which is as high as it goes. Today they only issue new accounts under the Visa umbrella.
Comment 3 by wndblwn06
High Fees? User Icon on 2011-06-14

Remarks I was a card member 6 years ago, and I remember the fees being ridiculous...are they still? Start up fee, plus monthly and annual fee?
Comment 4 by wanderer
Re: As Advertised User Icon on 2011-06-16

Remarks Cor Trust has a different card product today. Their Visa has 9.24% to 16.24% apr for purchases with 16.24% apr for cash, no annual fee, with late fees of $19 to $25 and no over the limit fee. That's it, simple. They do have a rewards card too.
Comment 5 by tbboko802
Re: As Advertised User Icon on 2011-12-12

Remarks I had the card for 3 plus years. My credit limit is 2500.00. For a credit rebuilder this is a good card.
Comment 6 by tbboko802
Re: As Advertised User Icon on 2012-02-03

Remarks Wow, Cortrust Bank has surprised me again! My credit limit has been raised to 3000.00. Th account was supposed to have a ceiling of 2500.00 , but I will take the increase.
Comment 7 by tbboko802
Re: As Advertised User Icon on 2013-04-03

Remarks Cortrust quickly dropped my credit limit back to 2500.00. I has stayed there.
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