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Written by: rakesia205 on 2011-06-06

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rakesia205's review: Callout Comment I tried to get one about 7 yrs ago and was not approved.I have been an authorized user on my sister's card since she opened it around Dec 2008.They removed her 20% down but have not given her a increase.I applied online and got approved for $500 cL with 20% down.im not sure was is my cL.What is a good site for me to get my REAL fico Score? My score always be higher from places that charge $14.99 a month..then when i try to get a car or something..it doesnt be the same..it be way lower??confused??


Comment 1 by rakesia205
Re: Cant Believe I Got Approved! User Icon on 2011-06-06

Remarks I meant I am not sure what is my credit score..oops! : )
Comment 2 by bc8787
Re: Cant Believe I Got Approved! User Icon on 2011-06-06

Remarks Go diretly to equifax.com. Credit bureaus are the best way to go because thats where lenders pull from. When i apply for things and they tell me more score it always matches what equifax tells me whether I order a credit report or if I get a score alert from them since I am a member. Its a good deal for $9.99 a month they send you an e mail anytime anything changes on your report. I also have Experian that charges $9.99 as well they are pretty good too.
Comment 3 by jayrizzo
Re: Cant Believe I Got Approved! User Icon on 2011-06-07

Remarks Incorrect! Real FICO scores come from MyFico.com for TransUnion and Equifax. The ones that are purchased from Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion's websites are not real FICO scores, those are FAKO (fake -- their own model of the score). The cost is $20 for the real deal.

Congratulations on your new account. Since store cards do not have an Annual Fee, just make your purchase and pay it off as quickly as possible (don't drag out the full term), and put the card up in a sock drawer. At least once every 6-8 months, make a small purchase $99 trinket or something and pay it off in full and put the card up again just to keep it active.
Comment 4 by jayrizzo
Re: Cant Believe I Got Approved! User Icon on 2011-06-07

Remarks Just to clarify: Lenders go to Equifax, TransUnion, and Experian for Reports ONLY, not scores. Around 80% of Lenders go to FICO for the real scores. Auto Dealerships get their own internal scores called "Enhaned Auto Scores", very different model from FICO and FAKOs. Just FYI.
Comment 5 by wanderer
Re: Cant Believe I Got Approved! User Icon on 2011-06-08

Remarks There is more to the score game. Not all lenders use pure FICO Scores. Lenders may pull from credit bureau(s) and run the results through their scoring models to determine risk. In comparing various scores with lenders I found two lenders might use FICO Scores but, scoring models from different years yielding different results. So, the long and short of it is Equifax gives a good estimate. MyFico may give a good estimate but, it all depends on the lender's own scoring model for risk which may result in a different outcome. Frankly, getting a close estimate is enough. Credit scores are only good for the moment they are pulled and something might change in your credit report causing the next outcome to be different.
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