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Written by: dojo2101 on 2011-05-04

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dojo2101's review: Callout Comment Fico is 600 and did not get approved for this card. They pulled Equifax credit report.


Comment 1 by wanderer
Re: Not Approved User Icon on 2011-05-05

Remarks Unfortunate. You may want to describe your credit history and where you would like to go. Several FG members may be able to offer insight with their experiences with this store card and others that may be of interest to you as you seek out credit.
Comment 2 by cfmdev49
Re: Not Approved User Icon on 2011-05-08

Remarks I have my doubts that cards like Kays, Crown Jewelers, Fingerhut, etc bring much value to a person's credit report. One tangible thing that a prime creditor likes to see is the quality of a user's credit experience. I think for most people visiting here...a prime card is their goal or perhaps, a mortgage. Long term you'd be much better served with a secured card from BOA for example or a credit union. It can be a long process to get to a point where you qualify for an Amex or Discover. But you can get there. A store card is also another option, but admittedly, even those can be difficult to get in the current credit climate. Short term...while the rejection is painful...you have a chance to consider your next step in your journey to prime credit...
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