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Written by: tim on 2007-09-12

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tim's review: Callout Comment Yes, my credit does suck. I am aware of that fact and it is partially my fault and partially to blame on the numerous IT layoffs that I have been part of. Being bipolar doesn't help much either... Anyway, I applied for this card as I needed something to revamp my credit score. I thought that their rates and policies were high and questionable but needed the card. MY biggest gripe is with the manner in which customer service treats it's clients. I have dealt with agents that were rude, polite until you questioned a fee, & a few that spoke very poor & almost broken English. They never seem to update your account with notes when you call despite promising to. I got laid off and called them prior to my payment due date to ask if I could make the payment a week later once my severance pay arrived. They OK'd this and life seemed fine as they agreed to wipe the late fee based on circumstances and my calling before the due date. 2 days after the call I receive a bombardment of calls from them demanding a payment. They called 5 times a day for a week despite the fact that we had an agreement on the payment. I made the payment online a day earlier than expected and still received emails and calls about my missing payment. In addition the late fee was not waived as promised. Of course when I called them there was NO record in the case notes about this agreement. From then on it has been downhill. Payments are not applied to the account in a timely manner despite being paid online. I have another card that credits me the moment the payment comes out of my account. With Cont. Finance I see the payment as paid in my bank account and then wait 3-5 days for my card balance to change.

My advice is to avoid this card. I may have bad credit but I am still their customer and deserve basic and decent service as they are making a lot of money off of consumers.

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Comment 1 by meya
Re: Tim User Icon on 2007-09-12

Remarks Thanks for the posting Tim, but I must admit that your situation is where a lot of people go wrong... Oooh the feeling of receiving a credit card is llike a forgivness of a crime, but being forgiven for a crime is much easier and you have the chance to start your life over if you KNOW FOR SURE that you will not make the same mistake again. Creditors+Criminals is what these type of cards label individuals as, they suck you in during the times that you realized your financial mistakes. It's like a person being release from prison out looking for a job with a criminal background being happy that McDonalds accepted you. These high fee creditors know that you will have a hard time somewhere else, so they open up their doors for you and stamp a set-up-for-failure sticker on your back. They use you, over-charge you, lie to you, and talk/treat you like a poor credit reject. Some are happy because they were taken in when no one else would, but is it worth the headache and tourture? Nope! Here is the criminal part again, the moment you mess up with these types of cards, regardless if you paid on-time but they claimed you did not, they throw you right back in the slammer for seven more years. They weird part is that you were thrown back into the land of tourture by a company that is fraudelent themselves. This is enough to make a grown man cry, we all know that feeling of having to wait for seven years or more for a charge off or late payment to leave your report, its worst than watching paint dry. The moral of this message is, never get desperate enough to apply for a card that will treat you like a second class reject and set you up for failure. You have come a long ways the instant you told yourself, "I have made a mistake, learned my lesson, and will never do this again regardless if it was my fault or not." It's better to get 10 denials from honest crediors than to get that one acceptance from malicious cards like these. If you have not done so yet Tim, please sign up with us so that we can share some information on better cards than this. You are somebody at Financial Globe, that is why I encourage any and everyone to sign up with us.
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