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Written by: pamela on 2007-09-11

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pamela's review: Callout Comment I just got the card today and now I don't know what I got myself into. I haven't activated the card yet, so please some one give some good advice on what I should do. the top ask if I would recommend this card, I don't know because I haven't even used it yet, so how can I recommend someone else to use it. and about the 10.00 fee how long do u pay that one for?


Comment 1 by meya
Re: Pamela User Icon on 2007-09-11

Remarks Pamela wait before you activate! Sign up with us so that we can give you an inside tip on your next move. I am not saying that you made a bad decission, we would just like to share a less obligated card with you. I understand the excitement of being accepted by a credit card, but the long run speaks for itself. We would rather have you happy during your re-establishing times than sad. When you sign up make sure that you use the same name that you posted with this card. I do believe that we have a pamela here already, but if we do make sure that you use Pamela2 to better identify you. If you decide to use any other name (which is over accepted) please send me a pm identifying that you posted this comment on the board.
Comment 2 by meya
****Wait***** User Icon on 2007-09-12

Remarks Hi Pamela, check your messages, I have a few members including myself that I contacted to work with you as a team. If you feel like you want to go ahead and begin using the card, I still support you not matter what your choice is, but I would highly suggest that you read your messages right away so you can select an alternative. Regardless of your decision CONGRATULATIONS on your card.... Our Father, who art in Heaven, Hollow be thy name,... Oops, sorry, I was just typing what was in my head. Since you heard me, I was just saying a prayer to increase the chances that you will CHECK your message BEFORE activation... LOL!
Comment 3 by dee
Re: Pam User Icon on 2007-09-12

Remarks Please take Meya advice. this card is horrible you start off with 250 are 300 limit. as, soon as you realize you owe 440.00
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