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Written by: seeking700 on 2011-03-24

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seeking700's review: Callout Comment I was planning on doing a little shopping and I love Dillards, so I decided to go ahead and apply online. It popped up with a "you will receive a decision in..." so I thought it was probably a denial. I've been reading this website a lot lately, so I thought I would call and see if I could speak with a person. To my surprise, I answered a few identity questions and was approved for a Dillards Amex with a $700 limit. I am going to take great care of this account and make it to 700 finally! Thanks for all the great advice, it's really inspired me to take charge of my credit.

EQ 644

EX 661

TU 664


Comment 1 by patrick12
Re: Approved After Phone Call User Icon on 2011-03-24

Remarks Congratulations on your approval! Its nice to have a store card you can use for purchases either in or out of their store! Pay it off in full each month and GE Money will reward you with great credit line increases!
Comment 2 by brian23
Re: Approved After Phone Call User Icon on 2011-03-24

Remarks Yes, congrats! I just applied recently for the Amex card and I got the store card instead. But I know that after 6 months I'll be eligible to upgrade (hopefully). Good luck with the card.
Comment 3 by d98lakefan
Re: Approved After Phone Call User Icon on 2011-03-25

Remarks This is a great card I started out at 1400 two years ago and know I am up to 10000 you can grow with this card you can get an increase every four months and if you don't give you one you can call and talk to there credit anyalist and they will take a good look at your credit history and possibly bump you up.
Comment 4 by kiejon9
Re: Approved After Phone Call User Icon on 2011-03-28

Remarks Congrats!
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