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Written by: ari on 2011-02-22

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ari's review: Callout Comment I applied for this card on 2/8/11 and was not given an instant decision. I called the 800 number and they stated my card was appl. Was being reviewed. Finally I spoke w/a rep who referred me to another dept and he said I was declined due to limited credit history. They pulled Experian and my score was 741! I asked for a reconsideration, answered a few questions and was approved for 2500. I asked for a higher limit but that was a "no go" I had 6 inq's, about 20%util, no bad accounts. I'll post my interest rate and terms when I find out.


Comment 1 by wanderer
Re: Approved After Reconsideration User Icon on 2011-02-22

Remarks Congratualtions are inorder! Nice reconsideration and recon. You got the mighty Chase quality card door open with their top line card! Not too shabby!!! Your credit profile is on the roll. Keep on truckin'. As near as I can tell, you are the first one to report such a success on the FG site.
Comment 2 by joeyman
Re: Approved After Reconsideration User Icon on 2011-02-22

Remarks Congrats! Chase seems to be offering a second chance on all their applications now... I saw that on a commercial.
Comment 3 by rsty99
Re: Approved After Reconsideration User Icon on 2011-03-07

Remarks Congrats Chase also likes it if you bank with them. I have 2 cards with them and no problems.
Comment 4 by bc8787
Re: Approved After Reconsideration User Icon on 2011-07-01

Remarks I had the same thing. I had a reconsideration from an actual person. Nice to know that a bank actually lets real people make decisions instead of computers! Seems to be working for them.
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