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Written by: mike_r on 2011-01-15

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mike_r's review: Callout Comment I wasn't very optimistic when I applied for this card. I had filed bk7 in 2009 and my capital one acct. Was included. Lo and behold I was approved for 500 cl and I received my card in 8 days. My FICO scores were 616 tu and 631eq. They pulled all 3 credit reports. I read somewhere that after a year or so out of bankruptcy you need to take a chance and apply with a major bank. This makes 2 as I was recently approved for a HSBC acct[orchard bank]. They are credit rebuilding cards but I am sooo happy to have them.


Comment 1 by wanderer
Re: Capital One Another Chance User Icon on 2011-01-15

Remarks WOW! Congrats are in order. It feels so good...! Walked your walk with the big BK, It is hard to start over and it takes time and patience. You have two good cards to start and while they may not grow a lot, they open the door for a foundation of good credit and prime cards.
Comment 2 by joeyman
Capital One User Icon on 2011-01-16

Remarks Congrats on your approval. Remember, Capital One is a big bank but this card is sub-prime. Good luck in re-building! : )
Comment 3 by faith
Re: Capital One User Icon on 2011-01-16

Remarks Congrats on the approval, was in similar situation about 6 years ago and Capital One was the first to give me a credit card. Started off at $800 and now stands at $4,500. Great card to have when traveling outside of US.
Comment 4 by mrrob
Re: Capital 1 User Icon on 2011-01-17

Remarks I also was given a 2nd chance w Cap 1 as well, congrats
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