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Written by: dave333 on 2010-12-21

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dave333's review: Callout Comment Filed bankruptcy may 2008 discharged sep. 2008

chap. 7 but I get no credit card offers. I even went to the opt in site to receive offers 2 mhths ago, still nothing. My scores eq. 730- trans.698 and experian

715. While browsing enternet came across preapproval card sites so decided to see if I would prequalify. After typing name and last four ssn. Was preapproved for vertually every card they had. DISCOVER card site. I didn't apply because am useing a credit repair co. And they advised not applyingntil I am finished with them and no it's not because I am useing them that I get no offers, I have been useing them for only 2 mnths.


Comment 1 by wanderer
Re: No Credit Card Offers User Icon on 2010-12-22

Remarks Good luck! I filed for Ch 7 BK 09/2001 and still do not get any credit card offers. It is very frustrating. Yes, I have managed to acquire cards over time by starting with secured cards and bottom feeders (sub-primes). Then I closed the sub-primes. Still viewed as a BK since it appears at the CB's for ten very long years. Your scores are pretty healthy but I found that is NOT enough (mine are in the 720's). You may have to start with sub-prime cards and build back... Or go to a credit union or secured from Bank of America or Citi Bank (they have good cards or now Capital One). You might even qualify without secured... Hard to know. As to Discover, they won't talk to me!
Comment 2 by cfmdev49
Re: No Credit Card Offers User Icon on 2010-12-22

Remarks I have a relative who has been in a debt management program for 2+ years... She tells me that when she views her credit report at the TU site all of her revolving accounts have the notation "Account managed by credit counseling service". She didn't do a BK and still has a couple of years to go. She got turned down for a finance company loan (Citifinancial) because of that. So as Wanderer said, these days with a BK the prime banks won't even talk to you. You can't go by the results of the pre-approval sites because they are like pre-approval letters... No guarantee you'll be approved until you actually apply...
Comment 3 by dave333
Re: No Credit Card Offers User Icon on 2010-12-22

Remarks Thanks for all the info, this is a very informative site.

I have a wells fargo secured card for 10 mnths now

also a very subprime card CREDIT ONE. I got this preapproval right after bankruptcy. Have had this card now since 12-2008. This card gets horrible reviews

but they report every month to all three beuros.

Something else confuseing to me is I kept my car and house when filed bankruptcy but all three beuros

report as being included in bankruptcy that's why I'm

useing a credit repair co. I have never missed a payment and rescently paid car off.
Comment 4 by wanderer
Re: No Credit Card Offers User Icon on 2010-12-23

Remarks Your followup is interesting. I kept my car out of the bankruptcy and it shows up as derogatory even though I never missed a payment. Go figure. Glad you could get right back into the credit card world. My credit history ran back to 1972 and now it starts at 2002 (BK Ch 7 2001). Think creditors' might wonder about that?
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