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Written by: vmoore0607 on 2010-12-12

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vmoore0607's review: Really trying to rebuild credit. I filed for bankruptcy in 05 but got caught in 07 falling back with bills due to a seperation with my husband. Found out last year that a person in Michigan was taking school loans out in my name and have been monitoring and trying to rebuild credit. Will be expecting our third child in June and am really trying to buy a home since my husband and I are in a better financial place. I know that it's going to take a while to do this because I don't want to be taken advantage of since my credit score is low.

I applied for this card with credit scores of 582 TU, 593 EQ, 544 EX. They are waiting for me to fax over my paystubs. Hopefully I will get approved. I already opened up a capital one secured credit card with CL of $200. Wanted to stay low... I'm just awaiting the news. Will keep everyone up to date with status!


Comment 1 by wanderer
Re: Applied But Waiting on 2010-12-12

Good luck... On your quest for credit. Note, regular home loans today with 10% to 20% down generally are looking at FICO Scores of 720+ or if you seek first time home buyer type loans with 0% to 5% down and related loans the FICO Scores are generally around 620. Lenders are very strict so be aware.
Comment 2 by jamessilva
Re: Applied But Waiting on 2010-12-14

I applied on the 7th of this month and Im stilll waiting as well. I spoke to somebody today and they told me to give it about two weeks for final approval from the date you apply.
Comment 3 by dady2561
Re: Applied But Waiting on 2010-12-23

Applied with FICO scores,TU.552, Exp.549, Equi. 575, I am faxing proof of Income, and waiting for the small deposit to hit my bank account to verify, I will let everyone know when it happens !!!... Mark
Comment 4 by jamessilva
Re: Applied But Waiting on 2010-12-25

It's been 18 days now and according to applied banks website the application is still pending. I faxed the proof of income the same day. Does anyone have a better idea on how long it takes to get a decsion?
Comment 5 by vmoore0607
Re: Applied But Waiting on 2011-02-20

It took about a month to get an answer and that's only after I called them. I unfortunately wasn't approved and decided to go with a secured card through capital one. They are awesome!!!
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