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Written by: locnguyun on 2010-12-02

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locnguyun's review: I was sitting here debating whether or not I should pull the trigger or not because of my recent denial from discover about two weeks ago. Since I can't control my urges, I decided to pull the trigger for the AMEX Blue anyway. Instant Approval!! I'm a previous member with AMEX ( ZYNC) for approximately 4 months now, so maybe that's why they decided to approve me. Honestly, I think I'm set on card applications for years now since all my cards are Prime.

Here are the results of all my recent applications:

Discover More-DENIED ( Denied me because I was 20)
Zync- Approved ( 5 months ago)
Citi Diamond Preferred ( 4 months ago)
BofA Accelerated Rewards AMEX ( 3 months ago)
HSBC Best Buy ( I don't remember)
BofA Bankamericard ( 2.5 years ago)

The last time I checked my score it was 727 on EQU with 2 inquiries.


Comment 1 by finance globe
Re: Approved on 2010-12-02

Happy 21st birthday, and congratulations on your approval. Don't take it for granted, and keep up the good work!
Comment 2 by locnguyun
Re: Approved on 2010-12-02

Thank you!!!
Comment 3 by joeyman
Re: Approved on 2010-12-02

Nice job, and Happy Birthday! How much is your limit?
Comment 4 by locnguyun
Re: Approved on 2010-12-02

Thank you,

I only received an instant approval decision, I will call tomorrow to check my apr, CL and let you guys know!
Comment 5 by wanderer
Re: Approved on 2010-12-02

Congrats! You seem to have covered your credit needs well.
Comment 6 by locnguyun
Re: Approved on 2010-12-02

Thank you!!!
Comment 7 by ari
Re: Approved on 2010-12-02

Good luck on not pulling the trigger. What about Chase Freedom? LOL. I'm addicted to plastic as well but I have to refrain because I have a house being built and I'm being watched by the Mortgage police. I'm living vicariously through you guys but once I sign those mortgage documents, I'm going for the gusto! Seriously though, I'm sure we all know to use credit wisely. I just like the way the cards look in my wallet.
Comment 8 by locnguyun
Re: Approved on 2010-12-02

"Good luck on not pulling the trigger", I did pull the trigger and I was approved...
Comment 9 by locnguyun
Re: Approved on 2010-12-02

I just found out my CL, it's 2000 CL with 0% intro apr for 6 months and 19% thereafter. Hopefully, I can have the apr reduce later on but right now it wouldn't do much anyway because I hardly ever keep a balance. I believe they gave me only 2000 CL because I'm a full-time student without a stable income.
Comment 10 by jerica
Re: Approved on 2010-12-02

Congrats, in six months you can ask for a cli.
Comment 11 by locnguyun
Re: Approved on 2010-12-02

"Congrats, in six months you can ask for a cli." I asked the CSR today about CLI as well. I was told I can request one after 60 days( if I recalled correctly). Lol I don't even remember...
Comment 12 by thomas1
Re: Approved on 2010-12-05

You can ask for an increase at that time of 3x the current credit limit!!!
Comment 13 by locnguyun
Re: Approved on 2010-12-05

That would be awesome, 2000 CL is actually my second highest CL among all my cards. What can I expect with an AAOA of only 1 year, oldest account at 2.7 year and very little income(full-time student). Once my account start aging at 1-2 year mark or If I get higher paying salary career, then I'll bother AMEX for a huge CLI. For the meanwhile, I'm just glad that I was approved for the Blue Cash and willing to accept anything offers. This is definitely great cash back card, if heavy usage is made on it. Hopefully, I can have the ability to that one day.
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