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Written by: loukyguy on 2010-11-18

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loukyguy's review: Callout Comment Applied and got an instant approval with a credit limit of $500.00

Fico scores at the time were TU 664 and EX 642

I hear about the steps program and called the CS and they told me in 90 days I would go up to $750.00 and then 90 days after that I would get an increase to $1,250.00

I am wondering after the second increase are you maxed out?? I never had a Capital One card before so just wondering.


Comment 1 by wanderer
Re: Instant Approval!!! User Icon on 2010-11-19

Remarks Congrats! I was in a step program and when the max was reached that was it. Since then I closed my Capital One and moved on.
Comment 2 by thomas1
Re: Instant Approval!!! User Icon on 2010-11-19

Remarks First of all, Congrats on your approval. Capital One will grow as far as the credit steps are concerned. Once the credit steps are completed, unless you have the prestige or excellent credit card, these rebuilders more than likely will max out, usually from what I've seen, less than 2k. Some higher, most under. I've had mine for almost 3 years now, and been fortunate to get to 7.3k, which is where I've been since the start of 2010. Everytime I call for an increase, they are either saying "no customer initiated cli's at this time, or it will cost me a hard pull". Or, the robotic "we periodically review accounts for possible increases" Every since the credit crash of last year, these banks have tightened their belts. Only until recently, have they started to really lend again. Hopefully, if things improve with the economy, etc... We'll see things loosen for us all.
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