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Written by: ash on 2007-09-05

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ash's review: Callout Comment An employee has stolen information from Reward 660 Card holders. The letter states that he sold the credit card number and expiration date to direct marketing companies but they do not believe social security numbers were involved. (Yeah right...) Watch you mail box for a new credit and a different card number. If you have online access make sure you view your information as far as credit limits and balances and make sure they are correct!


Comment 1 by meya
RE: Ash User Icon on 2007-09-06

Remarks Thanks for the info Ash, I am pretty sure a lot of 660 members here will benefit from your information. I just have one question, where did you hear the information from? Could you please provide the information so that other 660's can retrieve the information without the hassle of finding it. Thanks!
Comment 2 by ash
Re: Meya User Icon on 2007-09-06

Remarks When I got home yesterday I had received another card in the mail from rewards 660 and a separate letter. I had been looking online after I made my monthly payment and it just didn't look right. I had been trying to get through to them all day yesterday on the phone and when the letter came in mail it made sense. I made my monthly payment under my old card number and they had to move it over to the new account number. I got through to customer service and they said there are problems but the computer system should have everything updated. Also if you view your account information online you're gonna have to re-reigister your information under the new card when it comes, so be on the lookout... I haven't heard anything yet regarding the total Visa card holders. In the letter it said they don't believe the individual got access to our social security numbers but the way things are going now adays... You cant be to sure! My opinion... Its one thing to sell your name and phone number but an individuals credit card number??? I hope everyone subscribes to some type of credit monitoring service.
Comment 3 by kristy
Re:meya User Icon on 2007-10-11

Remarks Hi Meya, Thanks for your response but, I actually don't have this card I just clicked on it to do a post that's all. My question was about the Salute Visa card and the aspen card witch I believe the aspen card is the old aspire card now. I'm looking for a credit card to help me rebuild my credit. My score is very very low I think it may be around 362. I have about 5 accounts on my report totaling about 3,000. So chances are me getting a credit card are very low and if I do it would probably be one of the cards I see a lot of people here complaining about the fees, customer, service etc... I really don't mind paying the fees that come with the cards just as long as they do me right and help my score and I don't have any of the problems that I'm hearing about on here from some of the people. I cant afford to have my score drop any lower. Goshhh no. I did apply for the rewards 660 card and was approved and I do have the card but have not activated it yet. But after reading some of the reviews on here I may change my mind. So if you know of any cards that's good for rebuilding credit. I would appreciate the info. Thanks meya. I did apply at credit one and was denied. I tryed to post back under the first card I used for the first post I made but they would not let me so I had to find another card.
Comment 4 by meya
Re: Kristy User Icon on 2007-10-12

Remarks Hi Kristy, I understand you completely. I am also rebuilding my credit and I know exactly how stressfull and irritating it can be. If you have not yet signed up for the network, please do so because there are great posting there for those in situation like you and I. Once you have logged in, go to credit stories for poor credit, I (as well as others) have posted some nice credit cards to apply for. Pleas check it out asap! Hope this help.
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