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Written by: mizzcc1 on 2010-10-28

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mizzcc1's review: Callout Comment Just got approved today! No preset spending limit! I will not be getting any more cards for a while. I am only 20 years of age, and now I have 11 credit cards. I plan on closing at least 2 of the ones that I don't use in the very near future.

I was very shocked that I was approved though. They pulled Transunion and my scores range from 640-660. The only reason it is that low is because of my multiple inquiries my debt to available credit ratio, and the fact that I have brought my account age down due to opening new accounts. I have never been late or missed a payment on any of my account in 3 years. I am about to pay all of my cards off so my score will shoot up soon. I am still very shocked that they didn't deny due to all the debt and accounts I have. But this is the last one for a LONG TIME!!! I will not open any more accounts until after I am done with Med School. I will allow these accounts to age and drive my scores up so that one day I'll be approved for car loans, mortgages, etc. I'm still excited though, especially with the holiday season coming up and all the sales and stuff! :-)


Comment 1 by wanderer
Re: Last One For A While...promise! User Icon on 2010-10-28

Remarks Congrats! Use the card wisely and often. AX will grow with you!
Comment 2 by colonative
Re: Last One For A While... User Icon on 2010-10-31

Remarks Congratulations. Is there any reason you did not go for the Zync card instead?

You have your foot in the door at Amex now. Future applications should be backdated to 2010 as that is your original Member Since date.

Good luck.
Comment 3 by batjjmnj08
Finally Approve User Icon on 2010-11-05

Remarks I wanted to apply for this card with in the ten years of my bankruptcy but I wait an it paid off. I was approve with annual of $95.00 my FICO is 758 with Transunion
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