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Written by: jpr0204 on 2010-10-28

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jpr0204's review: Callout Comment Again my fiancee's card but I use it more than her.

She got this card a couple of years back, we used it to purchase a new HP laptop and digital camera. It was instant approval at the front count for a CL of $1,200. If you spend over $250 on this card you get one year of interest free financing so paid we off our laptop and camera in one year with no interest and without have to lay out $1,000 at once.

A very nice card to have to purchase electronics with the flexability to pay them off over time with no interest if pay off in one year.


Comment 1 by wanderer
Re: A Nice Card To Work With... User Icon on 2010-10-28

Remarks Posted results on this card have been quite mixed. Your findings equal the advertised purpose of the card. Few have found it the way you have... Congrats!
Comment 2 by locnguyun
Re: A Nice Card To Work With... User Icon on 2010-10-28

Remarks Most people actually prefer this card over the BB MC because of the higher CL and flexible payment options. I really enjoy using this card myself!
Comment 3 by scamps218
Re: A Nice Card To Work With... User Icon on 2011-08-25

Remarks I just got my card a few months back. I noticed several people mention 0% interest incentives. I have an initial 0% interest incentive for the purchase I made with this card until December. Are there additional incentives made to you after you pay off an initial charge? That would be awesome as I need a second computer but cannot rationalize the 28% interest rate.
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