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Written by: self111 on 2007-09-05

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self111's review: Callout Comment Does anyone out there have this card or is familiar with it? I wanted to find out some things about it, such as approval rate, average credit limit, cli, that sort of thing. Any info anyone has would be appreciated.


Comment 1 by meya
Re: Self111 User Icon on 2007-09-05

Remarks Hi Self111, you have been a little quiet lately... Lol. Well I have searched around a few sites for you and I have some pretty fair news for you. The approval rate is pretty fair but I will not say gauranteed. Just do not try and apply for the MasterCard rewards because they have two different criterias. I will tell you what me and Deborah might say, we wont even try it due to the financial backer which is Citi. If you think your chances are about in the fair credit range such as low inquiries, low utilization, minor dergos, and not too many new accounts then give it a try. I have seen approvals with BK's and co's, but I am not saying the luck will fall on you. If you decide to go forward, please post the results and your credit status so that others could think twice rather it is good or bad. Thanks buddie.
Comment 2 by steph
Self111 User Icon on 2007-09-06

Remarks Self111,
I've had this card for almost 2 years. It was a surprise to me because I was actually "preapproved" 6 months after I was approved for my Orchard Bank and Merrick Visa. I had just started rebuilding my credit, and my scores then were 597, 605 and 610. I received an initial $500 limit, I used the card twice within a year for paint purchases, the balances both times were under $100, I paid my bill online in full each month and after 6 months they increased my limit to $800. I haven't used the card since then, and the limit hasnt increased. Around the holidays they send out coupons for 0% financing on new purchases ranging from 3-6 months. ( time limits vary) Thats a plus especially around Christmas if you need extra time to pay your bills down. If that's something your interested in you could probably benefit from it. No negative incidents yet. Give it a try.
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