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Written by: jayman on 2010-10-25

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jayman's review: Callout Comment So I have been working diligently since my last post. After a constantly hounding the CRA’s and others my scores are on the move. As of my last post my scores were 07/17/2010 634 TU/629 EF/EX 634 (TU and EF came from myFICO.com). Now I’m at 10/22/2010 683 TU/ 656 EF, and not sure about my EX. Both scores come from myFICO.com. So I received a letter from American Express it said I was preapproved so I pulled the trigger, and got an instant approval. That puts me up to five cards now they are:

First Premier $400 after CLI apped 06/01/2009

Orchard Bank $300 apped 02/01/2010

Capital One $750 after auto CLI apped 06/01/2010

USAA Bank $500 apped 07/01/2010

Amex Green Card apped 10/22/2010

I really want to kill those first three cards but that will have to wait, hoping to product change the USAA to a World Rewards card in a few months and maybe in the future I hope to get the USAA Amex.


Comment 1 by lbcutta
Re: In The Amex Club User Icon on 2010-10-25

Remarks Wow, congrats on the approval. I am hoping to one day have an AMEX!
Comment 2 by wanderer
Re: In The Amex Club User Icon on 2010-10-25

Remarks Double WOW! Congrats... On doing a super job! You have some good cards. Before you get to deep into length of credit, loose the Premier and Orchard Cards. For FICO Scoring maximization add a department store card you would actually use. FICO wants a mix. Your credit path is a good one.
Comment 3 by joeyman
Re: In The Amex Club User Icon on 2010-10-25

Remarks Congrats!

Once you gain a history with AMEX you can probably get another card, rather not a charge card so it'll help your utilization. Keep up the great work man!
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