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Written by: christine7 on 2010-10-22

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christine7's review: Callout Comment They gave me a $1200 CL and I feel this card is a great for people like me after the RE crash to establish credit again. I hear people having such issues with CLI. If you pay on time, in full and only use the card only when necessary and not chrg to max, you will show them you are able to manange your credit. I have a CapitolOne also that gave me a $750 initial limit and less thas 6 mths gave me a CLI (w/out asking) of $1250. I do pay my monthly in full every month. Remember, you are re-establishing credit. Youre going to have higher fees for a while until you get your scores up. I'm satisfied and can't wait to get my scores back up to 750+ like before. I have a goal! :)

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Comment 1 by d98lakefan
Re: Very Happy With This Card User Icon on 2010-10-23

Remarks They are not doing cli's for anyone right now at all its a bank decision across the board I have two of these card one with 5000 limit and one with 6050 limit but since the new credit card rules came out they are not doing increases for anyone. they might do them again start of next year is what I was told.
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