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Written by: derek1061 on 2010-10-15

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derek1061's review: Callout Comment Ok so today I got a pre approved offer from American Express Green card. I was scared to apply but glad that I did. I got approved for the green card with no spending limit. My FICO score at the time was 730 but I only have 8 months credit history. Im so excited to have this card. Two thumbs up for American Express.


Comment 1 by wanderer
Re: Love American Express User Icon on 2010-10-15

Remarks Totally cool! Great start and good FICO Score!
Comment 2 by nogiblue
Re: Love American Express User Icon on 2010-10-15

Remarks WOW only 8mths credit history ? What other credit cards, installment loans do you have ? I really want this card but am thinking of applying for the zync card due to short credit history.
Comment 3 by jeannieavc
Re: Love American Express User Icon on 2010-10-15

Remarks Congrats!! When you say pre-approved do you mean the mail that says "you've been selected"? And which bureau did they pull? I appreciate any feedback.
Comment 4 by thomas1
Re: Love American Express User Icon on 2010-10-16

Remarks Amex will pull Experian 99% of the time for charge card products. However, they don't use FICO scoring models as they use their own internal scoring system

Hope this helps
Comment 5 by joeyman
Re: Love American Express User Icon on 2010-10-17

Remarks You've got to be the luckiest guy. Are you a join account holder on your parents cards or something? Usually AMEX doesn't approve people with such little credit history. Although, lately I feel like they're being a little easier on folks.
Comment 6 by derek1061
Re: Love American Express User Icon on 2010-10-19

Remarks I have no other credit account of my own except the Capital One Classic Platinum. Ive also been an authorized user on my mom's HSBC BestBuy Rewardzone Mastercard. Oh and AMEX pulled my Experian credit report.
Comment 7 by bc8787
Re: Love American Express User Icon on 2011-04-06

Remarks @joeyman- I believe they are being easier. I applied for an American Express about 6 months ago and got denied. I got approved today with the same score I had 6 months ago.
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